” We would like to thank Dr. Beal for getting our 11 year old cat, Jazz thru two delicate surgeries. Initially, she took the time to listen to our concerns and discussed in detail several options. Dr. Beal approached our nervousness with professionalism, clarity for the operations and when appropriate a good laugh which we needed. It is rare to find a vet who not only has an excellent and warm bedside manner but is also talented in her surgical skills.


Today, Jazz is back home and full of energy. As owners of 4 cats, we will be following Dr. Beal to her new practice in Mystic to ensure the future well being of them and our peace of mind. Thanks again!”

Nancy and JP Columbia, CT

Please help our puppies are dying!!!!

“Being new to the area, I grabbed the phone book, the first clinic’s response was they had no appointments. The second told me they had no emergency vet, and the third wanted my credit card number first. Then I called Dr. Beal, who gave us immediate remedy to keep them alive on the way to her office where we were greeted in the parking lot by a whole staff all ready to grab 1 or 2 of our 10 pups and the mama. They rushed them inside and started their work. Dr. Beal already knew what was wrong and diagnosed mastitis which made the pups hypoglycemic something we never heard of. She gave us instructions and a hug never mentioning money, and sent us on our way. I am extremely glad to tell you she saved our mama dog and most of the puppies, two of which we are keeping because of her. WE WILL NEVER CALL ANOTHER VET AND WILL RECOMMEND ANYONE TO DO THE SAME, SHE LOVES HER JOB, HER PATIENTS AND HER CLIENTS. I owe her more than these words can say. Thank you, Dr. Beal.”

Fred and Pat S.

A Pets Best Friend

“My association with Dr. Beal started about 9 years ago. I had a male golden retriever, named Casey.

Dr. Beal was working at the vet’s office I was using for Casey. He was about 7 at this time, when we first met.

After our visit and I saw the manner in which Casey was cared for, I knew then and there Dr. Beal was a special doctor. Her kindness and affection for my dog was incredible. She was very concerned about both Casey’s well-being and my comfort with our visit.

From that day on she was Casey’s ANGEL DOCTOR.  We continued our visits with her until one day she was gone! She had left her position at the practice, and no one would tell me where she had gone. Happily, after a year or two, we were reunited with our Angel Doctor. What a huge relief! I immediately transferred Casey’s records to her new office. We continued our visits with Dr. Beal for a few more wonderful years.

When it came time to say good-bye to Casey after 13 wonderful years, Dr. Beal once again proved her Angel status, as she took time from her busy day to come to our home and let my beloved Casey go peacefully to a better place. it was a sad time, but a very gentle and calm time. Dr. Beal, our friend and doctor, is a pet’s guardian angel.  Thank you Dr. Beal, from our hearts.”

From Casey and Me, God Bless You.

Sincerely, Casey  & Jim M.

“Dr. Beal is a great asset to the animal world! She really, really cares about pets and their parents. She takes the time to explain everything and his honest and upfront about what needs to be done to help the pets. Dr. Beal listens to the pet parents and is not afraid to tackle big issues. She treats everyone (staff, patients and pet parents) with the utmost respect. After losing our senior cat, Dr. Beal brought us together with a special needs cat which helped both of us — it eased our pain and it gave him a forever home.”

April & Myles R.

“Over the past few years, my dog had the good fortune of being treated by Dianne Beal, DVM.  Early on it became apparent that Dr. Beal was not only a consummate professional but a true lover of animals.  Dr. Beal is soon to be opening a veterinary hospital/clinic in Mystic, Connecticut, and we wish her God speed.  She will be missed.”

Donald P. Cianci, Esq.