We here at Northeastern Veterinary Care Center (NEVCC) recognize that our pets give us unconditional love and enrich our lives in so many ways. Their time with us is always too short. If you would like, please allow us to help memorialize your departed friends here. Just submit a few words and a favorite picture here, and we’ll make sure they’re always remembered as a member of our extended family.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose was dumped at a shelter when she was 12 years old by the only family she had ever known. She waited 2.5 years at the shelter for her true family. The one that would love her forever and unconditionally. We only had her for 5 months; now she is forever in our hearts and our hearts will always be broken without her here with us.

Tessie Binczewski

Tessie was such a good cat. She made her humans laugh a lot and she was there for me during tough times. She loved her food and her toys and boxes! She hated her mom’s singing and would put her paws on her lips to stop. 😊


Daisy (2004-2018)

She was a very kind and gentle soul and was loved by all who met her.


In memory of Rudy. I adopted Rudy from the Westerly dog pound when he was about 3 years old. From the beginning, he was the best dog. Well behaved, sweet and very easy going. Rudy loved to run in the woods and on occasion, we saw him running with some coyotes. He loved hikes but was not overly fond of water and never swam, only waded. As he aged he could no longer run or take hikes and he missed being able to chase rabbits and run. After 17 years we said goodbye and in my dreams he is running again. I miss you so much Rudy.

Little One Nunes

2004 – 2018
“She meant the world to me.”

With Much Love

~In loving memory of Neko “Mowie” McGowan~

Neko was without a doubt one of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace this planet. She had a majesty about her that few could match, all bundled up in a sweet little soul that shone through her gorgeous emerald/gold eyes every time she looked at you. She loved her family fiercely, and spent every moment she could with them. She was the most empathic cat we’ve ever known, having a knack of knowing just when you needed her affection. Whether you were crying, sick, or just yelling frustrated obscenities at a video game, she would sense your distress from anywhere in the house and immediately came to rub against you affectionately, purring loudly. She reveled in your happiness too, bouncing in with a bright pink nose and that small kitty smile on her face. She truly was our best and most intuitive friend. (Read More…)


Athena was breed as a feeder mouse for a local pet shop. My son Jakson decided to use his birthday money to rescue her from her doomed fate ! Athena was such a sweet little girl, and had such a HUGE personality for such a little creature! She loved to roll around the house in her ball, and sit on your shoulder and take in all of the sights! Athena lived a great life and was a very spoiled little mouse! Although she was a tiny little critter, she will hold a big place in the hearts of her family forever. Rest in Peace sweet little Athena, you will be missed!

-Jakson, Maddie, Lisa, and Mike


Nala was our protector, our best friend our faithful companion. She had the most beautiful almond eyes that pierced your heart. Nala was a couch potato with a heart of gold. She was fierce and would do anything to protect her Mommy, Daddy and her brother and sister! But more than anything, Nala was the definition of Love.

Pawprints Left By You
You no longer greet me, as I walk through the door.
You’re no longer there to make me smile, to make me laugh anymore.
Life seems quiet without you, you were far more than a pet.
You were a family member , a friend, a loving soul I’ll never forget.
It will take time to heal- for the silence to go away.
I still listen you you, and will miss you every day.
you were such a great companion, Constant, Loyal and True.
Our hearts will always wear the Pawprints left by you…
Rest in Peace my sweet Nala Bear. Thank you for being you. We will miss you.

-Mommy, Daddy, Jakson, Maddie, Piper, Mookie and Tigger

Sheba Caito2009 – 2017