~In loving memory of Neko “Mowie” McGowan~

Neko was without a doubt one of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace this planet. She had a majesty about her that few could match, all bundled up in a sweet little soul that shone through her gorgeous emerald/gold eyes every time she looked at you. She loved her family fiercely, and spent every moment she could with them. She was the most empathic cat we’ve ever known, having a knack of knowing just when you needed her affection. Whether you were crying, sick, or just yelling frustrated obscenities at a video game, she would sense your distress from anywhere in the house and immediately came to rub against you affectionately, purring loudly. She reveled in your happiness too, bouncing in with a bright pink nose and that small kitty smile on her face. She truly was our best and most intuitive friend.

Neko, being the unique soul that she was, had a number of hobbies. She was an explorer, despite her timid nature. (Generally doing most of her exploring while everyone slept, though.) She would find the deepest, darkest, and often, unfortunately, dustiest corner of the house and make them her forts for the day. She also loved to sit in sunbeams, which was truly a sight to behold. The bright sunshine illuminated her seemingly black fur and highlighted shades of red and brown that were hidden within it. She was also a HUGE fan of boxes. An Amazon box couldn’t come in the house and NOT become her new fortress for at least a week, if not longer. Oh, and the absolute best thing in the world to her was, of course, a box placed inside a sunbeam! Forget about it!

Neko was also very much an intellectual. She took an incredible interest in books. Though the words on the pages may have escaped her, the fine, cushy paper sure made a comfy bed to nap on. And when she finished her intellectual “studies” (aka naps), she would join her human parents in watching television or video games, sometimes becoming so entranced by whatever was on the screen that she would chirp at it or try to bat a moving menace therein.

Neko also had a beautiful voice, often chirping back and forth with her human parents. The record number of back and forth “meow” exchanges between Neko and her mommy was 7, which was most impressive indeed! She’d like to sing the songs of her people during the night in, what was assumed to be, and attempt to sing lullabies to her humans…or to wake them up so she could spend a few quick moments with them before ushering them back into dreamland.

She was a unique little kitty with a big personality that defied her timid nature. Her loss was all too sudden and entirely unexpected, and has left her humans feeling empty. We take heart in the knowledge that, though she was suffering in silence before, she is no longer doing so. Neko is able to frolic and radiate that loving nature as she plays with her other lost, furry family members in the afterlife while watching over us. She is forever and always in our hearts and minds, having left her “widdle” paw prints on our souls. We love you Neko, now and always.

With Love Unending,
Your “hooman” mommy and daddy