We know there is a wealth of animal health information on the internet, and it can be difficult to sift through. Here are some trusted, reliable resources for information on your beloved pet.

24-hour Veterinary Emergency and Specialist Referral:

Animal Poison Control:

Rabies Information:

Vaccination Information:

Microchip Registration (Datamars):

General Medical Information:

Companion Laser Therapy:

Wildlife Emergencies:

Assistance with Wildlife:

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:

Pet Adoption Information:

Pet Insurance Information:

Parasite Information:

Fear-free Veterinary Visits:

Assistance with Veterinary Bills:

Care Credit:

Orthopedics for Cats & Dogs:

Guide (Device) for Blind Dogs:

Carts for Handicapped Pets:

Patient Transportation:

Apartment Living Tips (special thanks to Girl Scout Troop #1291 of Central CA for sharing!):

Pet Loss Support